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't seem to thwart careers anymore. technology enables us to be an always-on so. put the baby down for a nap. newborn babies sleep a lot. >> and it's clear marisa my jer probably going to use a lot of technology here to balance her family and her business live. using things like baby cams and trying to use video conferencing from home when she has to take care of the baby. it will be an interesting balance and everyone will be watching. >> thank you very much. >> sky 7 is live over the scene in walnut creek. traffic is gibbing to get back to normal. just minutes ago there is a poll electrified whit fell. >> pg&e turned ouer off. the eastbound commute has kicked in to full gear. and there is slow, things are moving. >> a hayward jury awarded the children of convicted killer hans riser $60 million for damages in the loss of their mother. this verdict read before noon today, riser convicted of murder in 2008 for the death of his wife. the jury ward each child $25 million for pain and suffering and 10sed million in punitive damage autos we wanted to make darn sure the children would ha
of that victim. paramedics would not tell us. that man, according to police, apparently ran from the pier to the corner of davis and washington that's when police saw him and that's when the shooting began. we are waiting for the assistant chief to appear here at this crime scene. she will be here shortly to talk to us. we will keep you updated. >>> right now rowdy and bizarre protest going on at usc f mission bay in san francisco where students are turning to theatrics. amy hollyfield is live outside the meeting. >> reporter: it was quite entertaining. as police were ing in and telling everyone they wanted the room cleared the protesters left willingly, no arrests were made but they made sure they finished their rehearsed and choreographed statement. they were dressed as zombies but came to life during the uc regents meeting dancing to the song "thriller" while regents tried to call the meeting back to order. students say their tuition debt is killing them that's why they look like the walking dead. before they broke out into song and dance they used the public comment time to make their
. >>> in the line of fire, our reporters caught in the center of a fire fight as the u.s. back afghan army fights off the taliban with our troops preparing to withdraw, how ready is this army to stand alone? >>> this is "nightline," july 5, 2012. >> good evening. i'm terry moran. it was the plain that simply vanished. air france flight 447 bound from brazil to paris crashed in the at lanic ocean killing the 228 people on board. today, after a three-year investigation t official reports frightening conclusion the pilots could have saved that plane but did not know how tow. the report reaches a conclusion very similar to our investigation that we aired last month thon broadcast. now and elizabeth vargas takes us back to that night in june, 2009. >> reporter: it is three and ap half hours into the flight, almost 11:00 p.m. and the airplane is still cruising at 37,000 feet when captain mark, a veteran pilot makes a fateful decision. >> it was air bus 8330 is heading into a thunderstorm off the coast of brazil, he gets up tow take a scheduled rest break. >> where on an a 330 does the captain go? >> on
captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >>> thanks for joining us. breaking news u.s. k firefighters on the scene of an overnight fire that broke out in saratoga. katie marzullo is live. >> reporter: it appears the fire is out but the house is still smoldering. this is live now you can see the smoke still billowing out of the front of this house. good news this morning the house was vacant and under construction, nobody was home and nobody was inside to be injured. take a look at the flames. this was before 3:00 this morning when the fire broke out when firefighters arrived they say the fire was running through the attic and pretty much out of control. it had lept up into a large and weeping tree in front of the house that could have posed a threat to the other homes in the neighborhood. there's almost no wind at this hour or earlier when the fire wasser so that helped firefighters not to mention the fact that these lots are big and the hopes are fairly spaced apart that helped firefighters save the other homes. the other homeowners didn't have to be evacuated this morni
>> alan: extreme heat across the u.s. tonight dozen are dead including baby left in a car on a sweltering day. >> ama: a baby girl just a few months old died in indiana after she was left in a car in 105-degree heat. the is just one of at least 30 people who died from the record-setting heat that is scorching the nation. here's the latest. >> reporter: the extreme heat was blamed for a transformer fire in mid-town manhattan on saturday. manhole exploded igniting a minivan, and flames climbed 15 stores up the side of an apartment building. >> the car was completely in flames. getting the cav golding in flames -- cav golding in flames. >> 22 states were under heat advisories. >> just suffering and i can't form any coehart -- coherent thownts. >> the drought like conditions are driving up food prices for everyone. less than half the u.s. corn crop is in good condition. vegetable farmers in wisconsin, cattle farmers in oklahoma, both are saying the heat will cause prices to rise. >> i have had to sell assets or watch the animals tie. >> relief is on the way but not yet. the in
>> alan: extreme heat across u.s. tonight dozen are dead including baby left in a car on a sweltering day. >> ama: a baby girl just a few months old died in indiana after she was left in a car in 105-degree heat. the is just one of at least 30 people who died from the record-setting heat that is scorching the nation. here's the latest. >> reporter: the extreme heat was blamed for a transformer fire in mid-town manhattan on saturday. manhole exploded igniting a minivan, and flames climbed 15 stores up the side of an apartment building. >> the car was completely in flames. getting the cav golding in flames -- cav golding in flames. >> 22 states were under heat advisories. >> just suffering and i can't form any coehart -- coherent thownts. >> the drought like conditions are driving up food prices for everyone. less than half the u.s. corn crop is in good condition. vegetable farmers in wisconsin, cattle farmers in oklahoma, both are saying the heat will cause prices to rise. >> i have had to sell assets or watch the animals tie. >> relief is on the way but not yet. the in
on board when the car stopped on the rails. rescue screws ride engineers had to use a large dine get up to the passengers and work on the coaster car undercarriage. vallejo fire crews say no one needed any medical attention, and we could see the riders waving to people down below, seemingly in good spirits. we know that fire crews took up water and sun block because they were up there for two hours. in the end, the coaster car safely came down and we're told that all the passengers walked away unharmed. >> we raved, put the crane on site in place. we have actually don some training with this in case that's -- this situation arose. >> the fire commander tells us, since this is a new ride, they got a call from cal osha to actually have this train on site and to do some training just in case something like this happened, and they tell us that, because they had that training, this is an operation that went off pretty successfully. they had basically two options, try to unlook the undercarriage hoff the cars so it would coast down -- and that's what happened -- or pluck off each one of the p
during the last two olympics. meanwhile, the u.s. women's soccer team advanced to the quarterfinals with a powerful show of skill and team spirit. for more on that and all of the other olympic highlights we turn to abc's jeffery kofman in london tonight. >> reporter: as expected an american won gold in the pool today but it was not michael phelps. his teammate and friend, ryan lochte smoked him in the 40 intermediate medley. phelps was in fourth place not even a medal. he would barely get out of the pool. he has won medals, including 14 gold in every olympic race since 2000, until today. a tweet from the winner, thanks to my fans. this gold was for lochte nation. and from phelps, congrats to ryan lochte. way to keep that title in the country where it belongs. adding not pleased with my race tonight at all. but tomorrow is a new day and a new race. meanwhile an american upset in archery. the u.s. team knocking out the once unbeatable south koreans, and coming oh, so close to gold, only to be knocked down to silver by an italian that hit bull's-eye. in qualifying it was a wobbly start
it's time for jumbo wings and juicy glazed ribs and one famous harley riding barbecue guru shoes us how it's really done. this is "nightline," july 13, 2012. >>> good evening. tonight it's one of the most wide-spread scams in the world of cyber crime. raking in millions of each year. you receive an e-mail that looks like a cry from help from a friend who has been rob rd on vacation overseas, but it's really a hacker looking to cash in. well, when one of these e-mails ended up inbox of a "nightline" producer, she and abc's consumer correspondent elizabeth decided to follow the money and "nightline" investigates. >> reporter: hi. just writing to let you know my trip to the philippines with my family has been a mess. >> the e-mail came from 10,000 mimes away, pleading for help and money. >> it has been an awful experience. i was hit at the back of any neck with a club. >> it landed in our producer's inbox a few weeks ago and she suspected it was one of the most popular online cons going these days. one the fbi says costs americans millions of dollars a year. it's called the stranded tr
conviction. abc 7 news joins us live from city hall with more. carolyn? >> there is a long night for ilyana lopez. we caught up with her here just a short time ago. and she was smiling and talked to reporters saying she feels good and there is not much ground covered last night and the attorney says that she did a fantastic job. >> her wit come as cross. >> she's at the heart after the tempt to oust her husband, sheriff ross mirkarimi. the mayor made this move after mirkarimi pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor domestic violence charge. and there is lopez supporting him, defending the marriage. >> never consider divorcing her husband. ever? >> no. >> no. we haven't talken about that. we never make decisions. >> abc 7's legallan lift says lopez expressing a united front is typical in domestic violence cases. >> there is a problem is that is not what she said at the time. city attorneys will point that out. >> that video taken by her neighbor. on the stand lopez talked about her conversation with madison and tried to put the tape into context. >> and she said as sheriff... this is an old-, used t
for this bridge. health sheth live for us on the new span. >> reporter: carolyn, we are on the westbound sky way but the camera is pointing eastward looking into the lights. when you are driving this bridge in just more than a year, when you are driving westbound you won't be looking into the lights like that. they will light your way forward. this is an $18 million lighting system that is more green and white than the old one because the color of the lights is white compared to the yellow and more green because it's 50% more efficient. they are supposed to last 15 years. >> five, four, three, two, one, go. >> whoa! >> reporter: nearly 24,000 individual l.e.d. lights lit up the new bay bridge tonight giving a glimpse what drivers will see in more than a year from now. when both sides are completed, 1500 fixtures will house them. creating a flat white light that does not shine into to opposing traffic. >> the buigt of this is commuter study for the lighting in the factory. so attach the fixture and put them wherever you want them. >> an iowa company designed the lighting. >> we used led's that ar
and developments on twitter on abc 7 news bay area. >> there is u.s. us labor secretary participating in a union rally. it's being organized by california labor federation and communications workers of america and is meant to pressure congress to stop outsourcing federal jobs. and there are is a sheriff's deputy facing assault charges for an alleged domestic violence incident in a gym. he was detained last thursday for a dispute in a gold's gym on market street. he is openly gay and featured in the 2009 documentary "the butch factor". is he also charged with false imprisonment and has been placed on administrative leave. >> the second suspect in a killing of three members. the bologna family four years ago appeared in court today. and he entered not guilty to the murder and denies being a member of the ms 13 gang and conspiring to commit a murder. another suspect has been convicted of the killings. ramos says reyes was the shooter. >> when i going to be charged mr. reyes with firing we do not believe he fire aid weapon. >> with conspiracy they do form an agreement prior to the shotting -- shooti
is unusually dry. this year's drought, already the largest natural disaster in u.s. history, keeps spreading, and heat records keep falling. in chicago, where it hit 101 on tuesday, a transformer overheated leaving people in this 29-story building to struggle with no ac or water and only one running elevator. >> we're like 10% probably elderly. probably 45% of people have little pets. it's getting like an oven. >> reporter: in burlington, vermont, where the heat wave brought a 93-degree day, farmers scrambled to save the crops they could even though the customers stayed away. >> it was so hot, people aren't going out to the market, or they're not thinking about getting vegetables. >> reporter: but what people are thinking about is the price of food down the road as corn withers on the stalk. adding to the worry, many rivers are at their lowest level in years. the mighty mississippi was 23 feet higher in baton rouge this time last year, and the lack of water is posing a threat to crucial shipping routes. >> when you start reducing the capacity of the tow by 50%, you have an extreme effect on
years. is it something you said you know what this would be kind of fun for us to do, and for the rest of our lives. did you cook as well? no she does most of the cooking i'm the sous-chef. the sous-chef. i prepare for her and i clean up. that's it. he cleans up great. that's an important job. we met unusual, if i told you about how we met, it would take a whole other tv show. we met at my fraternity house and fell in love when we saw each other. manny and i have been married for 46 years, a long time, good times, bad times but our times. and we tried all kinds of things to keep our marriage going. keep it fun, exciting and different. were cooking chicken with edamame beans which are healthy. peppers, onions, and ginger and some spices, nothing too exotic. i don't cook with spices no one has ever heard of. did you mention chicken? i did. so it's a healthy dish. where did this come about, something in your family, something you came up with, or maybe two courses and combine them together? yes, yes, and yes. mostly i thought of it. (laughing) he didn't, he's lying. adrian and manny moved
on different flights back to the u.s. with more, here's abc's tahman bradley. >> reporter: it's not what you expect served in flight. a half-dozen sewing needles found in sandwiches on four, separate delta flights this past sunday. a stunning discovery, raising serious questions about the security of food aboard commercial planes. among the people reporting injuries, a doctor and his son, traveling on separate flights. >> had i taken a big swallow and swallowed that down, i'd have a needle inside. that would be very concerning to me. >> reporter: james tonges also says he ate one of the sandwiches. >> i felt the poke on the top of my mouth. when i pulled it out of my mouth, it was very clear. it was about a one-inch-long straight needle. >> reporter: the u.s.-bound flights originated in amsterdam. federal authorities including the fbi are investigating. trying to learn who had access to the food before it came aboard the plane. the catering company have been removed from flights. and a statement, gate gourmet said, we take this matter very seriously. gate gourmet immediately launched a full
." right beforehand he sat down with us. we talked about the threat of iran, the incoming fire from democrats back home over his tax returns and we talked about the all-important debates against president obama, how he thinks the president will perform. >> thank you. governor romney, mitt, it's a pleasure to welcome you to jerusalem. >> reporter: calling him mitt, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu welcomed an old friend to israel. netanyahu and romney worked together years ago, and now he's looking to send a message, that matters it at a time when a staunch american ally wrestles with what to do about iran. one of your advisers said you would respect israel's decision to strike iran on its own. would you support an israeli strike on iran? >> i think i'll use my own terms in that regard, and that is that i recognize the right of israel to defend itself. at the same time, we are as two nations both committed to employing every means we have to keep iran from pursuing their nuclear folly, and that means every diplomatic course, economic forces, as well. sanctions are beginning
was a powerful man during their argument and she was not worried he would use the power to get custody of their son. that contradicts remarks taken by a neighbor shortly after the accident. and we have live coverage of lopez's appearance today on abc 7 news at 5:00. and dan noyes will be tweeting live from inside of the proceedings using the hash tag mirkarimi. >> firefighters made quick work of a brush fire south of the oakland airport today. crews noticed smoke after 2:00 this afternoon and they found the fire burning on a strip of land on davis street. firefighters got it out and no structures were threatened. >> efforts to clean up a park that has become a haven for the homeless went off without a hitch. and there is kelly park not far from san jose state spartan stadium. crews cleared debris from a homeless camp. there have been several fires in the park and officials claim the blazes were the reason they say was to help people living here transition to a better place. >> we've been working carefully with other partners and they're involved with homeless services so we can connect
'll have >>> checking healthy living news results of recent drug trials support the use of a daily pill to prevent the spread of aids. it was developed to treat people infected with hiv but fda is now weighing tofdz determine if it's effective for preventing transmission of the disease. in the u.s. some have been prescribing it to uninfected high-risk patients. the fda will decide whether to approve the drug for preventative use by september. >> and now back to dan. >> we want to move on and talk about this heat that is finally starting to abate. it's warm in spots and spencer christian is here with the forecast. >> it's still hot inland locations not as yesterday and we have cooling fog at the coast right now as you can see. it's going to be pushing across the bay into inland locations overnight. and there is 100 degrees in antioch. 95 in livermore there is where you can see that despite the prebs presence the heat it's cooler in the bay area than yesterday. cooler in all areas tomorrow, this pattern continues into next week and there is big hot air mass covering the western half of th
are promising to fight a crack down on the largest pot provider. the u.s. attorney filed a complaint against the health center. abc 7 news is here with the latest in a series of moves to close down the dispensary autos the complaint filed by the u.s. attorney targets owner of the building that hoiss the health center in oakland. the harborside owner called a news conference today, vowing to fight. the founder is defiant. >> there is nothing to hide. and nothing to be ashamed of. there is no intention of closing our doors. >> steve deangelo founded the dispensaries and the claim over 100,000 customer was sales of $30 million. and $3 million going to city and state sales tax autos the reason is that we've provided highest level of care that was needed. >> and this size is apparently an issue. the larger the operation, greater likelihood there will be an abuse of the medical marijuana laws and marijuana in the hands of individuals who do not have a demonstrated need. and u.s. attorney has told congress says the dispensaries would not be a priority. >> and given our limited resources would not b
-like conditions are driving up food prices for everyone. less than half the u.s. corn crop is in good condition. vegetables farmners wisconsin, cattle farmers in oklahoma. both says the heat will cause the food to rise. >> i've had to sell off capital assets, it's either 1t is that or watch the animals rise. >> the heat index will still be brutal in many nations. by monday there will be relief. temperatures in the 80s. but first more severe wet weather, rain, hale and winds that could reach near hurricane strength have put the mid-atlantic region alert. abc news, new york. >> tomorrow you may discover you are among tense ever thousandches internet users who will get knocked off the web. hackers planted what's called malware and made a fortune until the fbi arrested them. abc7 reports why the impact will be felt tomorrow who what you can do to make sure your computer doesn't get knocked off-line. >> hackers in estonia affected hundreds of computers worldwide. if you were infected, the men you tried to go to a website you will be direct today a malware site. >> this was malware that would either
to abc7 news, they tell us he will lose his right leg. zachary row was camping at the park when a 60-foot tree fell on his tent early wednesday morning. a close family friend described what happened next. >> zachary was saying things like, you know, my legs feel like jelly, they are restless, kind of rolling back and forth. we thought maybe he was just still half asleep. >> zachary suffered a crushed pelvis and doctors are worried about internal bleeding. zach was scheduled to start 7th grade in arizona in two weeks. all of that on hold as he recovers. >>> a warning going out to the elderly in san francisco. crooks may offer you spiritual help while helping themselves to your money. take a look at some video from a public service announcement from the san francisco police department warning people about this crime. police say strangers approached their target, usually elderly chinese women, and prey on their superstitions saying they are cursed or haunted, offering to remove the curse. victims say the new twist is that the suspects are touching them the entire time. >> some of these victi
of the worst massecres in u.s. history. but this is not over yet. right now police are taking a look at his booby trapped apartment. here's rebecca stevens. >> as the sun comes up over aurora, colorado, 30 people are still in the hospital and some still in critical condition. police are looking at not one, but two crime scenes. >> a crowd gathered for an impromptu prayer after one of the worst u.s. massecres in u.s. history. a day that started innocently at the screening of the new batman film. halfway into the movie hundreds fled the carnage inside. a state of shock and bleeding from bullet holes. >> oh, my god! >> police have a busy day ahead of them. one thing they don't have to wonder about is how the suspect got ammunition and also his weapons. the fact is, he got them right here in legally. [applause] >> a crowd gathered for an impromptu prayer, holding candles and helping the victims of one of the worst shootings in u.s. history. a day that started innocently at a midnight screening of the new batman film. halfway into the move way hundreds fled the carnage inside. in a state of shoc
questions and tells us why we should believe he's a changed man. >> announcer: from the global resources of abc news, with terry moran, cynthia mcfadden and bill weir in new york city, this is "nightline," july 18th, 2012. >> good evening, i'm cynthia mcfadden. tonight, the frantic hunt for clues in the mysterious disappearance of two young girls in a tiny iowa town. six days ago, they went out on a bike ride but never returned. triggering a sweeping fbi search, with the help of hundreds of local volunteers. but still, no substantial leads, on a trail growing colder by the minute. abc's alex perez comes to us from evansdale, iowa. >> reporter: it's the mystery that's turning the tiny town of evansdale, iowa, upside down. >> the more time and things that go by, you know, more thoughts that go through your head and the worse the pit in your stomach gets. >> elizabeth collins and lyric cook vanishes after leading for a bike ride friday, seemingly without a trace. the only clue, their two bicycles, found at the edge of this local lake. that was five days ago. so far, no break in the case. ho
deemed us is push ? >> reporter: yes. -- because of the number of them there are were two or three fires that broke out in the same location at kelly park last night. take a look at some of that video from last night this was around 8:50. two to three fires are being called suspicious. they burned 8 to 12 acres couple different estimates before firefighters were able to bring those flames under control. not an official cause. officials as well as residents near this park acknowledge the homeless and homeless camps in the creek are a problem. >> homeless encampments are a problem in the creek areas too early to make a determination that it is a homeless encampment. it could be accidental for some unknown reason it could be intentional, too early to say. >> reporter: fire crews brought the flames under control after 10:30 last night no structures were damaged and no one was hurt. as you heard from mike, another hot one today in the 90s here in san jose, no doubt residents and people in general will be on high alert for fire danger today as well. katie marzullo, abc7 news. >>> 4:30 four in
appearance, though shocking in the first court appearance last week. >> brandi hitt joins us from centennial, colorado, this morning with all the details. good morning, brandi. >> reporter: good morning. in a few hours, we'll hear the charges filed against james holmes. it comes as the victims of this tragedy deal with even more heartbreak. >> monday july 30th. >> reporter: the prosecution is expected to lay down the hammer on 24-year-old james holmes ten days after colorado's movie theater massacre. at his ararnment -- arraignment, holmes could face hundreds of charges, including 12 counts of first degree murder, 58 counts of attempted murder and charges for the explosives at his apartment. >> i don't care what his motive is. he knew what he was doing. i said, i want to see him. i want to see justice. >> reporter: ashley moser's stepmother says she'll be in the courtroom. not only did ashley lose her 6-year-old daughter in the shooting spree, she was shot several times and suffered a miscarriage. >> it was because of stress. it was because of trauma. it was -- ashley's been through a lot. >
for a fire department spokesman to come over to the fire scene to give us more information. we will, of course, keep you updated. that is the latest from the fire scene in san bruno. >> eric: what sorted started as garage fire and rescue in concord has turned into a police investigation after firefighters on the scene found evidence of a pot growing operation. contra costa fire inspector said the early morning fire was caused by somebody trying to illegally supply power to the home. fire chief said they had to rescue the people sleeping inside before putting out the electrical fire. >> on arrival we found smoke in the garage area. we made entry into the house. there were people sleeping in the house. we facilitated a rescue of the people to get them out. at that time we looked in the garage and we had electrical fire in the garage. >> eric: one person suffered smoke inhalation and one person was taken into police custody. >> jj city officials say they received a multimillion dollar grant to hire new firefighters. it will help put 27 new firefighters in uniform. it's similar that gra
. a family rushed to the hospital, as more states ban such use, recommending the big displays instead, on what could be for some the hottest independence day ever. >>> also breaking overnight, the reason for many of those bans. a new wildfire tearing through the dry brush in the suburbs of los angeles. >>> and a lesson for anyone barbecuing today. a woman ingesting one of those wire bristles. her advice for her. >>> and we're lighten up with some youngsters just playing around. >>> good morning. happy fourth of july. >> yes. we got our patriotic colors on today. we're good. >> i'm sunny hostin in for paula faris. >> i'm rob nelson. ho happy fourth. millions under record heat. many struggling without power, days after the deadly storms in the east. still, though, the celebrating and the fireworks are on today. but this morning, aggressive reminder about leaving all that fun to the pros. >>> fireworks danger on display even before the holiday. the quiet of this new hampshire neighborhood shattered by loud explosions last night when something went horribly wrong with a homeowners annual
. >> california lawmakers passed a first state law in the u.s. today that includes many the reforms included in national mortgage settlement brokered this year, that covers barroers who have mortgage was five largest lenders in the united states. california's law would go further, pro secretarying -- protecting all who face foreclosure. >> giving me, jose as a just ordinary citizen, legal recourse against this kind of abusers because what i found out along the way is that i am more of the rule, not the exception. >> california would require banks to establish a single point of contact for homeowners seeking help, banks would be banned from practices of robo signing. governor brown needs to sign the bill before it can become law. >> donations coming in tonight that are needed. people have given $1500 for those still homeless nearly two months afteran francisco apartment fire. neighbors in the mission district held a fund-raiser and collected donations. the drives are being held online. 37 people were displaced on may 6th and nearly half of them are still looking for a place to live. >> emerge
. a woman bravely saving these bear cubs. now, she tells us about how she freed the cubs, all without getting a scratch. >>> all this, as the u.s. gymnastics team takes the stage for the first time. "good morning america" is live at the olympics with all of the latest. >>> we were just looking at wide shot there, we just dropped off of a wedding cake. good morning, everybody. >> we're both married to other people. good morning, everyone. >>> one day in, a huge olympic shocker already. take a look at this photo. ryan lochte winning the 400 meter. take a look at the diamond grill that he has on his mouth. lime green shoes as well. let's take a look at the other photo. michael phelps, the first time that he didn't place. he went to his coach and he said that was horrible. >> these two will be facing off again in just a couple days. abc's bill weir will have the latest live from london. >>> also coming up this morning -- mitt romney in israel take, taking an aggressive stan stance. will this make up for a rough couple of days in london for that olympics gaffe. david muir is traveling with
to thank the u.s. attorney's office and the attorney general's office for their support. with this many victims, we have two concerns, one is providing information that they need and providing resources that they need. we will as -- at this point in time victims should be contacting the aurora police department and they should be looking for resources on the aurora police department website as the case goes to court next week, they can contact -- we will set -- we have set up a contact e-mail account so that we can get information out as quickly as possible. we also have resources available on our website and i want to say that the aurora mental health center has agreed to stay open 24 hours a day for this weekend if people -- people may feel fine now and they may have a problem tomorrow. they may have a problem next week, they may have a problem several months down the line but they should seek some counseling or resources if they've been victims. that's to be expected. if there are financial issues that should not stop them and contact us for financial resources so we want to make sur
for joining us. only carolyn tyler. let's get started with a quick first look at the weather from our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn. you see the fog behind you and from vollmer peak a pretty site. we have the clear sky inland but low fog and clouds have allowed for mist and drizzle if you are headed over the golden gate bridge. it is a gray start and it will be for most areas it will about 10:00. then the fog burns back. it will be banked up along the shoreline, allowing for a stronger sea breeze, up to 20 miles an hour today. so that will bring the numbers down just a bit. we are talking about upper 50s to low 60s for the noontime hours in our inland valleys and then by the afternoon a return to some 90s but it's low 90s for concord and danville today. but we will be looking at a cooler day at our coast. the big question is are we going to see the heat come back? i'll let you know in a little bit. carolyn. >> we begin with breaking news in san mateo where southbound highway 101 is open again a fatal multi-car crash near east popular avenue. this is the scene of that collis
thomas. breaking us in the east bay. several people have been sent to the hospital after a traffic accident on the island of alameda. >> police tell us they are all under 18. fran sting ding with the latest. -- frances dinglasan with the latest. >> it happened around 1:45 this morning. the investigators are heading to the scene right now island drive is closed south of robert davie, jr.. this is right along the alameda municipal golf course. is going to be shutdown until 10:00 this morning. we'll keep you posted. we'll also check out waze for you. traffic friday light so far. here's a live shot of the bay bridge toll not affecting freeways on 880 and alameda oakland area. >>> in developing news, a few hours from now we expect to hear what happened in the moments leading up to a deadly horse racing accident at the alameda fair. lilian kim has the story from the fairgrounds. >> reporter: jorge herrera was riding in the time race of the day when he was then from his mount. herrera's horse 4-year-old morito clipped the heels of another horse, morito stumbled and herrera was left on the
: is it tuesday? thanks for joining us. >> eric: as often here in july in bay area we are seeing drizzle with a chance of showers. >> kristen: that drizzle means business this morning. >> here it is on live doppler 7hd. it's very widespread and very low total ground. it's just about everywhere this morning. the thickest being, came through the east bay hills. thicker than it was in san francisco but the closer you get to the coast, more like will you you are going to see some of that, likely you will see some of that drizzle. main low is up here. you can see a few lightning strikes out of the system. this is going to slide down to the north bay. this is going to bring with you a chance of showers. we'll have more on the forecast. >> good morning. slick roads is the key this morning and it is literally raining in san francisco. golden gate bridge coming out of waldo you find fog and the span is very wet this morning. we do have road work, the paving project between sir francis drake and waldo tunnel. earlier accident in san francisco on 280. that has been cleared. the road had something t
. >>> president obama's latest move to improve the u.s. relationship with israel. >>> plus, take a look at this a couple is watching their front lawn disappear falling bit by bit and near not much they can do about. >>> update on gma host robin roberts' health. the details she announced today on >>> president obama signed a cooperation act this morning offering support against threats. the u.s. will give israel 70 million dollars for a security program aimed at missile strikes. >> the president: this legislation brings together all the outstanding cooperation we've seen at an unprecedented level between our two countries. >> republican presidential candidate mitt romney heads to israel tomorrow. today in london he was forced to walk to meet the irish prime minister, when heavy traffic from the olympics snarled his motorcade. romney stirred up controversy yesterday seemingly questioning whether london was prepared to handle olympics logistics. >>> residents along much of the east coast are cleaning up after a powerful thunderstorm swept through yesterday. look at this video of lightning
. >>> let's get to the shocking discovery, four delta flights headed for the u.s., sandwiches with needles in them. the fbi is investigating this is a possible terrorist act. we're going to speak exclusively from two passengers who found those needles. we'll talk to them in just a moment. >>> first, abc's pierre thomas has more and joins us this morning from washington. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, robin. overnight, the sandwich scare left us with a critical question about airline security. how safe from sabotage on commercial planes? a simple meal, a turkey sandwich made terrifying. a half-dozen sewing needles on sandwiches on four separate delta flights this past sunday. at least one person injured after biting in. >> it was the second bite into the sandwich. it actually poked the top of my mouth. it was a one-inch-long straight needle. >> reporter: federal authority, including the fbi are investigating who had access to the food in flights originating out of amsterdam bound for the u.s. a father and son on two separate flights were also injured. authorities are tryin
not count on using bay shore boulevard for the next hour or two. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. >>> a state senate committee is set to consider a bill today that would make party bus operators accountable for underaged drinking. assemblyman hill is introducing the measure named after the 19-year-old who got off a party bus two years ago and left to drive home with an alcohol level three times the legal limit. the teen was killed when he crashed his car. hill wants to require party bus operators who verify ahead of time if there are minors board and have adult super vision. many in the business say organizers of the parties should be held accountable. >>> a san francisco building inspection commissioner claims mayor lee committed perjury while testifying at the misconduct hearing involving ross mirkarimi. mayor lee told the ethics commission friday he had not consulted with the board of supervisors before charging mirkarimi with misconduct. the examiner reports, during a break in the hearing building commissioner walker said supervisor told her the mayor had previously asked whether mirkarim
tell us how they survived this terrifying collapse. >>> forgotten flyers? a 19-hour nightmare. no air conditioning. no food. and a new video of passengers on the tarmac. >>> flame fighters. a fire breaks out. these people try to use the fire extinguisher and can't. could you? >>> and fear factor. what this man chased by a great white shark is saying tonight. >>> good evening. as we come on the air tonight, it is official. the government confirms this is the hottest six months in u.s. history. more than 24,000 heat records broken already this year. and as the heat takes a brief break in parts of the country tonight, storms are sweeping in, toppling buildings. our extreme weather team out in force. and abc's david kerley starts us off. david? >> reporter: in this texas baseball stadium and across the country, the historic heat wave went out with a boom! a boom of lightning. the twins and the rangers battling each other, and the weather here, sending players running not for the ball, but for cover. watch it again. an explosion of storms. one of the strongest in fredericksburg, virginia.
strikes. the sky lit with destructive potential. abc's ginger zee is tracking it all for us. >> we'll start with a map that shows you the watches and thunderstorm watches. if you are in this area, got a chance of seeing 60 to 80 miles an hour wind, large hails and reports in of tornadoes. bottom line, we're in the thick of it as this summer of extremes continues. severe storms almost everywhere you look tonight. let's start in pennsylvania, blinding rains and damages winds blew through that town. then outside new york, the first images coming in from a tornado that ripped roofs from homes and trapped people in their cars. there was pounding hail in cincinnati, angry skies and incredible lighting around the great lakes. even before tonight's severe weather eruption, it had been a wild week. the nation has has been more 700 reports of damaging wind since monday alone. these images from kansas, power lines slapped by violent winds. >> the wind came up in a second. >> reporter: the severe storms are being fed in part by the extreme heat. the nation still plastered with heat warnings an
the bombing, fueling all kinds of rumors. when i last interviewed him in 2005, i asked him about the u.s. overtly seeking a new syrian leader, even then. >> i feel very confident for one reason. because i was made in syria. i wasn't made in the united states. i'm not worried. >> reporter: but he must be worried now. i spoke with a senior israeli official here in jerusalem about what might happen to assad himself. >> unfortunately, we are going to witness quite a long process of bloodshed. otherwise, he might be assassinated and it could -- it can happen within a day. >> and christiane amanpour joins us now. christiane, how does it look to you? is this a signal the end is near? >> reporter: well, look, i think everybody is hoping that will be the case. and honestly, you cannot have the decapitation of the regime's entire defense, intelligence and security apparatus without it having a severe impact on the regime. on the other hand, some people say he might double down and really fight to the very end. >> but what impact does this have on iran? does this mean iran is also weakened, isolate
five times. and she also said she would have used money to keep parks open if she'd known about it. >> time owe to get a check of the forecast. >> this has been an interesting day. blue skies and low clouds, and high clouds above. a few traveling by. there is drizzle in the morning. this evening, we can expect fog return together coastline starting to push across the bay tonight. temperatures into low 70s, overnight, might see drizzle near the coastline into overnight hours. there is mainly sunny skies and mild, like today with high temperatures ranging from low 60s at the coast to mid-80s inland. then, the weekend bringing with it beginning of an extended warm up about which i'll say much a little later. the accu-weather forecast. >> we look forward to that. thank you. >> putting down a fork may be more important than picking up weights. what a permanent tribe is teaching about obesity, ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00. >> twitter explains an outage that affected people today. and later... >> they're stupid for people to think that. >> michael jackson's mother is talking to abc news ab
a score book to keep track. thanks for joining us i'm eric thomas. >> gentleman and i'm carolyn tyler, thank you for -- thank you for joining us. >>> prosecutors set to file formal charges in a few hours against 24-year-old james holmes, including a dozen first degree murder counts. he is, as you know, accused of killing 12 and injuring 60 at a move think theater for the showing of the new batman movie in aurora, colorado, 10 days ago. attorneys will argue for information about a notebook that he allegedly delivered to his psychiatrist. the defense contends it is privilegeed dr. -patient communication. legal analysts expect the case will be come dated by argument over holmes' sanity. >>> people in san francisco expressing their sorrow for the tragedy in colorado. members of jesse jackson's rainbow coalition held a prayer vigil outside a theater. >> this assault weapon issue is something we need to bring back to the take revising of the ban on assault weapons is something that should be considered. we understand the second amendment and right to bear arms assault weapon is a different
still to come. >> we're managing victims with as many victim advocates as we can get. we're using p.i.o.s from different offices so each family has someone they can rely on if they need to. >> and this d.a.says it could be a year if this goes to trial. the next court date is on monday. >> thank you. >> a 21-year-old woman who escaped the shooting gave birth today, her husband remains in critical condition. katie medley's father skipped going to the hospital this morning to attend a court hearing of james holmes. >> i feel like i make sure that justice is taken with this man. and this support everybody that has been through this. >> david sanchez says he wants holmes to face the death penalty. several of those who died are being remembered for sacrificing to save their friends. the victims honored in the u.s. senate with a moment of sil skbrens a tribute from minority leader mitch mcconnell. >> now, boy like to honor the victims by reciting their names. veronica moser-sullivan. board on... >> the president visited families and victims yesterday. you'll find more on the victims on our
vote" david kerley starts us off. david. >> good evening, sharyn. president obama demanding mitt romney rein in attacks, his answer? a brand-new attack ad and singing in the rain. >> reporter: outside virginia in a downpour. the president was soaked. his attack of mitt romney's record at the investment firm of bain capital, which mr. obama has called a "pioneer of outsourcing." >> i don't want pioneers of outsourcing. i want some insourcing. i want to bring companies back. >> reporter: if that wasn't enough-- ♪ oh beautiful for spacious skies ♪ >> reporter: a blistering new ad using romney singing "america the beautiful" and charges he moved jobs and some of his own money overseas. ♪ america, america >> reporter: if romney has seen this -- it may have been on his ipad. he was seen with the device at his new hampshire lake house today, hours after he went on every network to decry the attacks. >> this is simply beneath the dignity of the presidency of the united states. >> reporter: bain did outsource and offshore some jobs in the early 2000s. but romney says he left bain in 1999 t
you for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a look at the weather. here is meteorologist frances dinglasan in for lisa argen. >> thanks, carolyn. good morning, everyone. here's a live view at the bay bridge. yesterday we saw some thicker, low clouds. we are seeing a little bit more this morning. still causing flight arrival delays at sfo for about an hour. you can expect a bit of a gray start once again with possibly some drizzle near the coast. it will be sunny inland early on in the morning by lunchtime. already sunshine for everybody. and in the afternoon look for a sea breeze with temperatures ranging from 60s, mid-60s along the coast to low 80s inland and pretty sunny and clear for us this evening with temperatures dropping down to the upper 70 he is in some of the interior locations. we have a nice seven day forecast coming up and i'll have those details shortly. carolyn. >> thank you, francis. >> developing news. house fire in contra costa county. they crews found this fire already raging. one person inside the home did manage to get to a neighbor's house okay. fir
thomas tells us the latest clues at this hour. >> reporter: delta passenger james tonges knew something was wrong just after he bit into a turkey sandwich during a flight home to minneapolis. >> it was on the second bite into the sandwich that actually poked the top of my mouth. it was about a one-inch long straight needle. >> tonges' turkey sandwich was one of six on flights from amsterdam with sharp needles. the fbi suspects someone tried to turn turkey sand witches into weapons in an act of sabotage. and tonight, this new scare is raising critical questions about airline security. how safe from tampering is airline food. >> food that goes onto an airplane is not screened. not certainly like a passenger or luggage would be screened. >> reporter: ironically, two of the victims knew each other. and one of their sons, a passenger on another flight, claims he got a tainted sandwich, too. could this be a coincidence? authorities are checking. gate gourmet catering company which prepared the food operates in 28 countries. it serves an average of 9,700 flights every day. and over 300 million
. good morning, thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick first look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, carolyn. you see the view from behind you. the marine layer not as extensive as yesterday. we have a bit of clearing now around concord, also the delta and san jose not socked in look you were yesterday morning. throughout morning we will look for the low clouds and fog to peel back from the coast. we will look for some sunshine here. temperatures ranging from the 60s but we will get into the mid-and upper 80s today. so by about noontime we will have the sunglasses needed downtown and it looks as though this is only a one-day event. so if you like it a little bit warmer, enjoy today. we've got a few more mid-and upper 80s in our inland east bay. the big, big changes starting tomorrow. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. thousands of people from all over the bay area are preparing to rise and shine this morning and raise money to fight a.i.d.s.. it's a.i.d.s. walk san francisco. it gets underway in just a few hours at golden gate park
a continuation of the process. >> there are rumors and information. we need evidence that would give us the ability to go in front of a jury and show he was part of the murders. we have that information today. >> reyes is due back in court august 22. ramos is at san quentin being evaluated before being transfered to a permanent prison home. his attorney says she's investigating what impact reyes' arrests could have on the case but frankly doesn't think it changes anything. in the newsroom abc 7 news. >> thank you. and a san francisco sheriff lieutenant has been placed on leave following an alleged domestic violence incident at a local gym. the lieutenant was detained after getting into a dispute on thursday at gold's gym on market. this is video of him in the 2009 documentary "the butch factor". is he openly gay and faces charges of assault with intent to cause great bodily injury. police say the victim is someone he had a person relationship. >> two men suspected of brian stow made a brief court appear yengs today, one of them has changed attorneys and is now being represented by the p
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